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Continuing education designed to enable the architect to stay up-to-date, master new knowledge and skills, plan for the future and responsibly meet the role society entrusts to the architectural professional.

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Acoustics Matters: Shaping Sound in Healthcare Environments
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This session is a recording of a live panel discussion from the USG Acoustics Matters series focusing on acoustics as it relates to the healthcare environment. Panelists include thought leaders Bryan Langlands, Principal and Senior Medical…
Air Barrier Testing in Review
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This course will provide greater insight into the different industry testing methods that are specified for air barrier membranes.
Air Barriers: Purpose, Technologies and Challenges
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This program examines the importance of air barriers in construction. This will be an open discussion on the increasing requirements to control air, water, vapor and thermal to improve a building’s performance. Course will also discuss…
Architectural Acoustics
ONLINE HSW Architecture
A discussion of the physics and nature of sound - this course will use details and examples to cover design criteria such as STC, CAC, NRC, factors of sound control such as use of building materials,…
Building A Better System with Roof Boards
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This USG program is an open discussion on roofing technology and the use of cover boards. Roof board is a non-structural rigid form board used as a component of a commercial roofing assembly in certain applications…
Design Guide for Exterior Sheathings
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This USG course is a 1 hour program focused on designing for exterior sheathings. It is important to select the correct exterior sheathing to solve your design solution. Failure to do so can result in many…
Designing Curved Ceilings
ONLINE HSW Architecture
An interactive discussion describing different types of materials used to form curved ceilings how they are assembled and where the different systems are used. Including ,Waved ceilings, Suspension trim systems, Curved metal ceilings, Curved drywall ceilings,…
Designing Integrated Sustainable Ceilings
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This USG program will address the trend away from standard modular ceilings to more organized approach. The introduction of the course spotlights the current trends in ceiling design and the enhanced flexibility that designers have when…
Enhanced Gypsum Panels for Walls & Ceilings
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This course discusses the nature of enhanced gypsum panels for various applications and examines benefits for risk management from mold and moisture intrusion, as well as improvements to building resilience and construction scheduling.
Environmental Product Declaration
ONLINE HSW Architecture
LEED v4, how has it changed and what is new in Materials. The new "Building Product Disclosure and Optimization — Environmental Product Declarations" and "Building Product Disclosure and Optimization — Material Ingredient Reporting" credits will affect…
Fire and Sound in Multifamily Floors
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This program will explore various design parameters in gypsum concrete floors and floor/ceiling assemblies including sound performance, fire resistance, aesthetics and installation methods. Case studies will be used to demonstrate design options, solutions, and trade-offs based…
Moisture Mitigation and Self Leveling Underlayment
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This course will cover a high level overview of concrete flooring design best practices, types of flooring failures and the various system tests.
Reading Architectural Drawings
ONLINE Architecture
Watch this video to understand the basics of reading architectural drawings. **This course is NOT for CEU credit.**
Structural Cementitious Panels
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This presentation provides an introduction to fiber-reinforced, inorganic, composite panels as noncombustible structural cementitious floor sheathing panels. The sheathing panels described in this presentation are intended to be installed over cold-formed steel framing, and used as…
Targeting Carbon in the Fight Against Climate Change
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This course discusses the impact that buildings have on greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon, and how the Architecture 2030 Challenge for Products is looking to lower embodied carbon through a more sustainable building products offering.
The Evolution of Lightweight Building Materials
ONLINE HSW Architecture
This course, Evolution of Lightweight Building Materials MR0002, is designed to educate individuals on how and why building materials have changed throughout modern history. The course demonstrates progression of lightweight materials through different architectural building types…
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