Building A Better System with Roof Boards


Course Description: This USG program is an open discussion on roofing technology and the use of cover boards. Roof board is a non-structural rigid form board used as a component of a commercial roofing assembly in certain applications to enhance performance of the roofing assembly by improving resistance to fire, wind and surface compressive damage.
The program continues on different types of applications for roof boards including cover boards, thermal barriers, recover board, vapor retarder, and parapet substrate. Roofs are subjected to the nature elements. There are many forces that negatively impact roofs include fire, wind, impact, mold and moisture, as well as compressive strength and foot traffic. Each of these forces is focused on within the presentation giving detailed information, climatic advice, and different types of boards’ performance standards.

    Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe roof boards and how they create stronger and more durable roofs

  2. Explain the different forces that negatively impact roofs

  3. List different types of roof boards and their attributes

  4. Discuss the importance of specifying roof boards in a roof system
  5. Delivery Method: Online

    Format(s): PDF

    Internal Course Code: EXT004DE

    Duration: 1h

    HSW Compatible: Yes

    Point of Contact Name: Tiffany Schmeisser

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