Designing Integrated Sustainable Ceilings


Course Description: This USG program will address the trend away from standard modular ceilings to more organized approach. The introduction of the course spotlights the current trends in ceiling design and the enhanced flexibility that designers have when working with the ceiling plane. With advancements in suspension systems and availability of larger size plank panels, designers and architects are no longer limted to standard 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ modules. Not only does that allow for enhanced creative expression, but also allows for many opportunities to design a truly sustainable ceiling.
The program focuses on specific ways in which these integrated ceilings contribute to sustainability by discussing the integration of linear energy efficient light fixtures, high light reflectance panels, daylighting, product stewardship and improved indoor air quality.
This program is designed to inspire designers to create fresh, clean, organized ceiling layouts while optimizing energy efficiency, day light, and indoor air quality.
In addition, this program will address performance solutions around aesthetics, sound control, and sustainability as it relates to an integrated ceiling system.

    Learning Objectives:
  1. To identify design challenges with standard modular ceilings and discuss advantages to integrated ceiling solutions.

  2. To understand how to design an uninterrupted ceiling plane that allows for the integration of linear energy efficient fixtures into a channel

  3. To discuss how ceiling design and layout can provide for optimal energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality

  4. To review basic principals of sound control, such as NRC and CAC, and how acoustical performance is affected by an integrated ceiling system.

  5. To understand how and why integrated ceiling systems can contribute to LEED, discussing specific LEED categories (EAc1; MRc2; MRc4; MRc6; MRc7; EQc8).

Delivery Method: Online

Format(s): PDF

Internal Course Code: EQ8101DE

Duration: 1h

HSW Compatible: Yes

Point of Contact Name: USG E-University

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